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Margaux Lee / I.D. Bracelet

Margaux Lee / I.D. Bracelet

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Material: Stainless steel base with gold vermil

Made from stainless steel with a gold vermil. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic. It also holds the gold better and is stronger than other base materials usually used & will not tarnish. If anything, it will only dull never fade.

Steel Properties -

"Steel has highly projective energies, so it holds the ability to ward off negeativity or aggresion. Steel gives the wearer strength & courage".

Description: Chain with I.D. plate

Size: 9 inch / 23cm (length) x 10mm / 1cm (wide) 

Care: Clean with fresh water & polish with the velvet pouch it comes in. Can also put in a container with a bit of Colloidial Silver & shake to give it a deep clean!

* Comes with beautiful branded velvet pouch and gift box

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