When digging through the Tiki La La crates online, keep in mind that all vinyl has been perused and priced according to assorted criteria. These include their relative rarity, demand and overall condition. The condition of each record, and that of it’s sleeve, is measured according to common universal guidelines, then recorded using the appropriate acronym. 

Check out our Vinyl Grading Key below to get au fait with each acronym’s way…



Mint (M)

A Mint record is perfect. It’s never been played. It may have never been removed from its package. It’s often fully sealed in factory wrap and it has no blemishes or audio distortions. The sleeve looks like it’s just been printed! No dog ears here : ) Mint vinyl is rare and it’s mintiness makes it more valuable. Fresh!

Near Mint (NM)

A Near Mint record is a fantastic investment. It’s all glossy and we’d say it’s only been played a handful of times. Near Mint vinyl has little to no markings. The sleeve’s great and don’t expect to find any audio distortions at all. Essentially, a Near Mint record is barely used and found imperfect only in it’s almost invisible wear or other very light clues suggesting previous handling or play.

Excellent (E)

An Excellent record’s light marks will be difficult to spot and it’s audio distortions, if present, hard to hear. The sleeve may have gently bumped corners, light creases or show rubbing from shelf life. The signs of use of an Excellent record are absolutely superficial and generally reflect the high-quality care taken by this platter’s previous possessor. Excellent! 

Very Good Plus (VG+) 

A Very Good Plus record may have light marks, little scuffs and slight warps which, outside of the slightest background crackle, won’t affect your listening experience. The sleeve will have some mild wear, lightly turned-up corners or a slight seam-split and may be flawed by a cut-out hole or cut corner. Sometimes people write their names on them, neatly, to ward off thieves or to show off their discerning tastes at a party. If not for a couple of minor issues, this would be Excellent. All but the most mint-crazy collectors will find a Very Good Plus record highly acceptable.

Very Good (VG)

A Very Good rated record has experienced a lot of use and it’s still useable, but it will carry with it a few distortions. You’ll likely get a few pops and clicks in playback and spot multiple scuffs or light scratches on the vinyl. The sleeve may have split edges, ring wear and surface or edge tears. You can enjoy listening to a VG-rated record and you can appreciate the art. At a glance, a Very Good record is undamaged. Then, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that it has been well loved. Love is all you need.

Good (G)

A Good record is not really Very Good at all. But Good does not mean Bad! A record in Good condition can be put onto a turntable and will play through the bumps. You’ll receive significant surface noise from the obvious scratches and visible groove wear. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll find records in this condition, at Tiki La La, outside the Vinyl Thrift Stash™. Take a look… You never know what you’ll find in there! 

Poor (P)

It’s not Good! A P-rating reflects a vinyl of Poor condition. A frisbee. Discs with this rating often have major noise issues. They skip, repeat and reveal scratching noises often. Their covers are either badly damaged, flapping about like a hanky, or destroyed completely.  The only place you’ll find a Poor, at Tiki La La, is in the craft drawer.  

Thanks for reading. 

- Team Tiki x