A beautifully curated collection of all the things we love.


"Our work at Tiki La La is sustainable by nature. Here we are finders, restorers, curators and pushers of collectible curiosities, iconic design, unique fashion and select eclectic sounds."


With creative backgrounds, working in fashion and music respectively, April Xing and Heath Crawley also share a love of all things vintage, a natural flair for style and an acute awareness of everything aesthetically awesome.


In 2017 their creative powers combined, Tiki La La was born and they found their new home. A beautifully curated studio boutique in the laid-back seaside village of Ettalong Beach, New South Wales.


Four years later, with a realised demand for extra time to create and space to curate, the call to move online came at maximum volume and the two happily responded with Now, even more than ever, vintage is future!


"We love the hunt for special stuff and are really only happier when sharing our wares with other lovers; our fellow preservers of it."


Happy shopping!