With creative backgrounds working in fashion and music respectively, April Xing and Heath Crawley both also had a natural love for all things vintage, quirky and rare. 

In their previous lives, @april__xing worked in Sydney as a stylist in magazines; @russhmagazine@bazaaraustralia@instyleaus, to name a few. @heath__crawley was based in Melbourne, working in fashion photography, music and also travelling the world as the bass player of @childrencollide.

Coming together in 2017 with their combined creative powers, Tiki La La was born. 

“Here we are finders, restorers, curators and pushers of collectible curiosities, iconic design, fashion and eclectic sounds. 

Our studio boutique is located in a small seaside village, one and a half hours north of Sydney. Our work is sustainable by nature. We eagerly select and facilitate the being of beautiful quality pieces. Liberating vintage from nostalgia. Informing a better future.
We love the hunt for beauty and are only ever happier when sharing our wares with other lovers; our fellow preservers of it. 
At Tiki La La, Vintage is Future.”