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Margaux Lee / The Deep Hoops

Margaux Lee / The Deep Hoops

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Material: Stainless Steel with gold vermil

Made from stainless steel with gold vermil. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic. It also holds the gold better and is stronger than other base materials usually used & will not tarnish. If anything, it will only dull never fade.

Steel Properties -

"Steel has highly projective energies, so it holds the ability to ward off negeativity or aggresion. Steel gives the wearer strength & courage".

Description: Mini hoop with click close hinge. Removable ball.

Size: 10mm / 1cm (diameter) hoop, 3mm / 0.3cm ball/bead

Care: Clean with fresh water & polish with the velvet pouch it comes in. Can also put in a container with a bit of Colloidial Silver & shake to give it a deep clean!

* Comes with beautiful branded velvet pouch and gift box


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