Happy Society Olive Wax Pillar Candle / Small


Brand: Happy Society

Description: Hand poured, waste free pillar candles made by our Melbourne Artisanal candle maker using pure olive wax & essential oils. 

Light with intention. Our aromatherapy candles are for pleasure, mood, well being & ritual*

Our Pillars are blended with the following choice of essential oils: 


Aromatherapeutic Profile: eases anxiety and stress, grounding

Ritual: spiritual awareness, purifying, prosperity and luck

Pair with: patchouli, sweet orange

* Our Aromatherapeutic & Ritual uses are a guide only, if you do not connect with the traditional uses or use aromatherapy, just enjoy the scent.

Size: 30cm H x 6cm D

Burn time up to 60 hours

Our small pillars conveniently fit into most standard candle jars, offering a refill solution & saving your used candle jars from getting thrown out. Due to the natural state of olive wax, slight imperfections, colour & scent may vary slightly between batches. This pillar may create beautiful dripping wax so please ensure you have it on a heatproof, stain resistant surface. 


All second-hand products are sold on an ‘as is’ basis and are for decorative purposes only. Please keep in mind that when you are purchasing a second-hand item, general wear and minor flaws are to be expected. If you have any questions regarding the condition of a product, please ask us before completing your purchase.

We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind. Please check the photos, dimensions and other details of the product before purchasing to ensure that it suits your needs.


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