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Happy Society Olive Wax Pillar Candle / Large

Happy Society Olive Wax Pillar Candle / Large

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Brand: Happy Society

Description: Hand poured, waste free pillar candles made by our Melbourne Artisanal candle maker using pure olive wax & essential oils. 

Light with intention. Our aromatherapy candles are for pleasure, mood, well being & ritual*

Our Pillars are blended with the following choice of essential oils: 


Aromatherapeutic Profile: eases anxiety and stress, grounding

Ritual: spiritual awareness, purifying, prosperity and luck

Pair with: patchouli, sweet orange

* Our Aromatherapeutic & Ritual uses are a guide only, if you do not connect with the traditional uses or use aromatherapy, just enjoy the scent.

Size: 30cm H x 6cm D

Burn time up to 60 hours

Our large size pillars are the double the height of our small pillar candle. Due to the natural state of olive wax, slight imperfections, colour & scent may vary slightly between batches. This pillar may create beautiful dripping wax so please ensure you have it on a heatproof, stain resistant surface.

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