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Le Bon Shoppe Boyfriend Socks / Ocean Blue

Le Bon Shoppe Boyfriend Socks / Ocean Blue

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Meet the Boyfriend Sock – a total crowd-pleaser and a year-round hit!

This go-to style effortlessly blends practicality with flair, bringing a chill, sporty, vintage vibe to any outfit. It's a bit longer than your classic crew sock and features a cool double stripe for extra pop.

Comfy and tough, it's the upgrade your outfit didn't know it needed. Our favourite combo? Pair it up with your fave worn-in jeans and a pair of Converse Chucks.

At Tiki La La HQ, we're low-key obsessed with these socks. You'll catch them on happy feet pretty much every day of the year. No favourites here, but hey, this sock holds a special place in our hearts – just between us!

Made in South Korea


85 Cotton 13 Polyester 2 Spdx


Ocean Blue, White Stripe


One size fits most (US women's size 6-10)

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cold

Tumble dry low

Do not iron

Do not bleach


Due to socks' personal nature and to keep the highest standard of cleanliness, we do not accept returns or exchanges on socks. It is very important to us that each customer always receives a pair of brand new socks! 

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