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Linda Goodman / Love Signs: Unlock Your True Love Match

Linda Goodman / Love Signs: Unlock Your True Love Match

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An updated edition of the sensational New York Times bestseller from world-famous master astrologer Linda Goodman.

'I love Linda Goodman, her work is pure magic.' - Carolyne Faulkner, author of The Signs & The Signs in Love

Is your romance written in the stars?

Can a Capricorn find love with a Sagittarius? Will a match between a Leo and a Pisces always end in heartbreak? Linda Goodman's Love Signs is a complete astrological guide to personal relationships, offering compelling insight and advice for every zodiac sign - and the compatibility of every possible pairing. Lively, entertaining and informative, this book will help you better understand your partner and your relationship.

Including in-depth explorations of the 78 Sun Sign patterns for women and men, invaluable explanations of the Twelve Mysteries of Love and lists of famous Sun Sign personalities, this witty, poetic and compassionate guide will tell you what to expect and what to look out for in your love life. Learn all this and more from the world-famous astrologer who has helped millions divine their way to true love.

This is an updated edition of Linda Goodman's lively bestseller, originally published in 1979.

About the Author

Linda Goodman was born and raised in Parkersburg, West Virginia. She established herself as the diva of astrology with her first book Sun Signs. Her subsequent books, Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart and Star Signs, were also also bestsellers. Her final work Relationship Signs was published after her death in 1996.

Format:  Paperback

Publisher:  Pan Macmillan UK


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